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HIST 298: Junior Colloquium

Professor Amna Khalid - Winter 2020

myLibrary -- try it out!

Try it out!

Go into myLibrary and try looking at the resources for this class (Guide, Databases, etc). In addition to those, you will see links in the sidebar for...

  • things you have checked out
  • your ILL requests
  • any things that you have added to your favorites in Catalyst

Take a minute to make sure what is on here is all correct!

If you notice something broken or missing, please click the "Feedback" link in the upper right corner and let us know! Please keep in mind that this new resource is in its developmental stages, and the more feedback you give us, the better we can make this!

Use this Guide for...

  1. Helping you specify your topic
  2. Formatting your annotated bibliography
  3. Helping discover the contours of the scholarly debate (historiography)
    Quick definition: Historiography = how historians have talked about particular topics over time 
  • What methods, sources, and theories have historians used?  
  • What questions DID they ask? 
  • What questions did they NOT ask?
  • How has all of this shaped what has been written and how we understand the past?