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HIST 298: Junior Colloquium

Professor Amna Khalid - Fall 2019

History in action!

Teletype machines

The wire service teletype machines: One prints the national and international report; the other the state and regional report. 
Vin Crosbie, "The wire service teletype machines." Uploaded to Flickr on October 18, 2006. CC BY-NC 2.0

Humanités Numériques

Digital humanities: archival material, and a laptop with an image of network analysis.
Martin Grandjean, "Humanités Numériques," 28 October 2013. CC BY-SA 3.0

Use this Guide for...

  1. Helping you specify your topic
  2. Formatting your annotated bibliography
  3. Helping discover the contours of the scholarly debate (historiography)
    Quick definition: Historiography = how historians have talked about particular topics over time 
  • What methods, sources, and theories have historians used?  
  • What questions DID they ask? 
  • What questions did they NOT ask?
  • How has all of this shaped what has been written and how we understand the past?