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HIST 298: Junior Colloquium

Professor Amna Khalid - Fall 2021

General Reference

A reference work can help you become acquainted with the literature on a topic if you are not aware of any works on your topic. The bibliographies of subject entries point you to the core work on a topic (as current as the publication of the book).

ADVANCED CATALYST SEARCH: Subject (contains) [general keyword] + bibliography

Background theoretical concepts

Three ways to find reference sources

1. Search REFERENCE BOOK TITLES in Catalyst
Facet: Collection = Carleton Reference Collection


2. Search REFERENCE ARTICLES in Catalyst
Facet: Material type = Reference Entries


3. ​Search REFERENCE ARTICLES in the database Reference Universe

Finding Historiographies

1. Advanced searches in Catalyst

2. Specialized Bibliographic Databases

3. Specialized reference books

Dissertations and Theses

Dissertations and theses are written by graduate students. While they have been approved by a committee of faculty, they have not been published by a commercial publisher. HINT: read their bibliographies first! Also remember that not all dissertations and theses have been (or can be) digitized; you may need to ILL them or go read them in person.

Genres of Reference Sources