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HIST 298: Junior Colloquium

Professor Amna Khalid - Fall 2021

Step 1: Browse Current Journals

Find the journals where the scholars engaged in your field publish. You can often see them reacting to and replying to each other.

Step 2: What do other people think?

You can use Book Reviews to get clues about the state of a field on a given topic.

HINT: add the key words "review" or "review article" to your search.

Step 3: Find similar scholarship

  1. Look up a known item in Catalyst, do SUBJECT SEARCH
  2. Look up a known item in Catalyst, browse the stacks by CALL NUMBER
  3. Use a known item, read FOOTNOTES and BIBLIOGRAPHY

Popular History Databases

Databases contain, among other things, the contents of journals; they are particularly good for identifying recent scholarship.

Broad or Interdisciplinary Databases

Scholarly Sources

There are multiple types of scholarly resources; each one has a purpose.