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PHYS 346: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

Professor Helen Minsky

Create Citations with ZoteroBib

American Physical Society Citation Style

Your professor recommends that you cite your sources using the citation style of the American Physical Society, although you may choose to use a different citation style if you prefer. The most important considerations when citing your sources are to: 1) Use consistent formatting, and 2) Cite your sources in such a way that a reader would be easily able to track down your sources for themselves.

Finding Journal Abbreviations

In APS Style, scholarly journals are referred to using abbreviated titles; for example, the journal Reviews of Modern Physics would be abbreviated to Rev. Mod. Phys. If journal title abbreviations do not appear automatically in ZoteroBib (or if you're typing out your citations by hand), try searching by journal title in the sources linked below to find official journal title abbreviations.