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CHEM 371: Chemistry and Society - Impact and Legacy

Prof. Daniela L Kohen - Fall 2022

Install EndNote on Your Computer

What is EndNote?

EndNote is a citation management tool that can help you collect and organize references and PDFs that you’ve found and read. EndNote also makes citing your sources in Microsoft Word quick and easy.

EndNote is available on all computers in the computer labs and in the library.  You may also download and install EndNote on your own computer if you are a student, faculty, or staff member.

Import Records from Web of Science to EndNote

  1. When viewing a list of search results in Web of Science, click the checkbox to the left of the article records you wish to export, then click the "Export..." button at the top of the page (NOTE: Using this method, you will only be able to export articles from the page of search results you are currently viewing).
  2. When viewing an article record in Web of Science, click "Export..." at the top of the page
  3. From the "Export..." menu, click EndNote Desktop
  4. In the Record Content menu, choose "Full record"
  5. Click Export
  6. Choose to open the file with EndNote if prompted.
  7. If asked, choose your library.
  8. You should see the new references in your EndNote library under the "Imported References" list. Click and drag to add the references to their permanent groups.

Citing with EndNote

Set the Style

  1. In EndNote, click on dropdown box listing the current citation style.  Or go to Tools -> Output Styles -> Open Style Manager
  2. Choose "Select Another Style"
  3. Choose ACS as your citation style.

Contact a librarian if you do not have the correct style on your computer!  We'll get you set up.  

Cite While You Write

Cite While You Write lets you cite articles in-text while you’re writing your paper.  It will generate a bibliography automatically. 

  1. In your Word document, place or leave your cursor where you want your in-text citation to appear.
  2. Go to the EndNote Toolbar in Word and click on “Insert Citation."
  3. Search for the paper(s) you want to cite and select them from the list of results. Click "Insert."
  4. In a few seconds your citation and bibliography (at the end of the document) will appear.
  5. If the bibliography is in the wrong style, go to the EndNote toolbar in Word and choose the style you need to use, or click “Configure Bibliography” and choose your output style.  

Stand-alone bibliography

A stand-alone bibliography will not be connected with EndNote.  This gives you more flexibility in editing it later and you can use it to add a bibliography to a poster or a presentation that isn't in Word. 

  1. In EndNote, select the references you want in your bibliography.
  2. Click References -> Copy Formatted Reference.
  3. Paste the bibliography in your document.

Organize your sources in EndNote

One of the great things about EndNote is its ability to help you organize your research sources.

Link the full-text of your sources to your EndNote library

  1. Highlight the references in EndNote
  2. Go to the References menu and choose Find Full Text
  3. EndNote will search through our online subscriptions and download and link the full text pdfs to the record in EndNote.
  4. You can also drag and drop a pdf on to the record in EndNote

Taking notes about your sources

Annotate your pdfs! 
  1. Click the record in EndNote.
  2. In the pane on the right, the article record will appear. Click the "PDF" tab listed near the top of the pane.
  3. You  can add notes or highlight text in the pdf pane.
Add searchable notes!
  1. Click the record in EndNote
  2. In the pane on the right, the article record will appear. Click the "Edit" tab listed near the top of the pane.
  3. Scroll through the article record until you reach the "Research Notes" field and add your notes, then click save.


Groups are like folders for organizing your records, except that you can put a record in more than one group.

Create Groups
  1. Go to Groups -> Create Groups
  2. Name the group
  3. Drag and drop records in to the group

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