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HIST 111: Uncharted Waters: The History of Society and the Sea

Prof. Tony Adler - Winter 2024

Fair Use for the Web

  • It is critical to make sure you have permission to use the images, documents, and objects in your exhibit. 
  • Even when you are using them for educational purposes, publishing images to the web for which you do not have permission does not constitute "fair use."
  • Regardless of where you find items that you want to include in your exhibit, make sure they are available for reuse before including them on a website.

Creative Commons Images for Reuse

Using Images from Public Domain Books

You can often republish images scanned from books and microfilm that are in the public domain. 

  • Search Hathi Trust for relevant books. 
  • Use the "Advanced" search in Catalyst to look for relevant books and limit the search to books published before the current Public Domain date.

Captioning Creative Commons Media