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HIST 338: Digital History, Public Heritage & Deep Mapping

Prof. Austin Mason - Spring 2023

What's a monograph? Peer review?

  • A scholarly work
  • That has been peer reviewed (see video)
  • That is secondary scholarship
  • On a single topic
  • That is book-length, and not article or chapter length

Etymology for the linguists: from mono- "single" + -graph "something written." 

4 Ways to use One Source

You can use one secondary sources (book, article) four ways!

  1. Go back in time: look at its footnotes and bibliography
  2. Forward in time: do Cited By searching
  3. Subjects: look for other sources with similar topics / subjects
  4. Methods: look for other sources that use similar methods

4 ways to find sources

Catalyst and Specialized Databases