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Great research source for Classical studies

Core databases

L'Anne Philologique search options

Free search: 

  • All fields: works like a keyword search across several fields (bibliographical detail, abstract, and classification terms)
  • Author: you can search for a specific author (not an ancient author)

Thematic search-general:

Discipline after vol. 67: this is a pre-defined field, and you can use it to choose from a pre-defined keyword list but you cannot type anything in there. 

  • Click on "all academic disciplines" to open the list
  • Choose one of the subject terms in roman numerals on the left hand side. At the top of the screen an overview of the selected keywords is given
  • Use the radio buttons to change the Boolean relation between the different items (And/Or) 
  • To use the selected items as search criteria use the Insert/close button  
  • Once back on the search screen the selected search items can be altered by clicking on the search items.

Ancient Author and text:

Enter the name of an ancient author to find scholarship written about that author.  You can use this field without using the "disicplines after vol. 67" field. This database is not a good place to look for the titles that an ancient author has written. Try Loeb Classical Library for that.

  • EX) To find works about Horace's work, select "Ancient Authors" and enter "Euripides."  

General databases