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Catalyst is the joint catalog for Carleton and St. Olaf libraries, an access point for all of the books, periodicals, government documents, and electronic resources available at the two colleges. 

Library of Congress Subject Headings are the words and phrases you can use to do a subject search in Catalyst (as opposed to a keyword search, where you may use any words you like). The term language acquisition is not a subject heading. By using the proper subject heading (Psycholinguistics) you avoid getting results like Advances in Genetic Programming.

When starting out, it is often helpful to do a keyword search on your topic, and then to examine the subject headings of the results you find relevant. Catalyst displays these subject headings as links and clicking on one of them will automatically conduct a subject search for that particular topic. If you have trouble finding relevant sources using a keyword search, try consulting the printed volumes of Library of Congress Subject Headings in the reference collection.

Call Numbers
Browsing the stacks can help you evaluate the library's collection in a given field of study. The following call number ranges contain works relevant to cognitive studies:

  • B1-5802 - Philosophy (general works)
  • BD161 - Theory of knowledge
  • BD418 - Philosophy of mind
  • BF1-37 - Psychology (general works)
  • BF38-64 - Philosophy of psychology and relation to other topics
  • BF176-198.7 - Psychological tests and experimental psychology
  • BF231-299 - Sensation and aesthesiology
  • BF309-499 - Consciousness and cognition (including learning, attention, comprehension, memory, imagination, genius, intelligence, thought and thinking, psycholinguistics, and mental fatigue)
  • BF501-505 - Motivation
  • BF511-593 - Affection, feeling, and emotion
  • BF608-635 - Will, volition, choice, and control
  • BF660-685 - Comparative psychology, animal and human psychology
  • BF698-698.9 - Personality
  • BF712-724.85 - Developmental psychology
  • QL737,785 - Cognition in animals
  • QP351-495 - Neurophysiology and neuropsychology
  • RC321-571 - Neurosciences, biological psychiatry, and neuropsychiatry

Search WorldCat, an online catalog for libraries throughout the world, to find books that Carleton and St. Olaf don't have. If you find a book through WorldCat that is not at Carleton or St. Olaf libraries, you will need to order the book through InterLibrary Loan.


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