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POSC 268: Global Environmental Politics & Policies

Professor Tun Myint - Spring 2021

Role of Reference Sources

Why use reference sources?

At the beginning of your research:

  1. get an overview of a topic, place, or person and
  2. identify synonyms or related terms that will apply.

Later, return to reference sources:

  1. to clarify concepts,
  2. define new vocabulary,
  3. locate bibliographical references to get ideas for additional sources ("see also"), and
  4. understand methodology.

Suggested Reference Books

These are just to get started.  Browse nearby books and books in the same call number sections in the stacks.

Search Catalyst

All Formats

Subject Headings

Use Catalyst to search for books providing background information in general, relevant to your item, processes, or on trade in general.  Some subject suggestions:

Global warming--government policy
Global warming--government policy--[country]
Global warming--political aspects
Global warming--laws and legislation
Greenhouse gas mitigation
Climatic changes