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HIST 181: West Africa in the Era of the Slave Trade

Prof. Thabiti Willis - Fall 2021

STRATEGY: Follow up on references and bibliographies

One of the best ways to learn the scholarship in an area is to search in books and articles you're reading for helpful citations in their

  • footnotes and
  • bibliographies (works cited)

Then look those things up in....

STRATEGY: Do advanced searching in Catalyst

Search Catalyst to find books and materials owned by the Carleton and St. Olaf Libraries.  In addition to scholarship, or secondary sources, Catalyst has information for narratives, periodicals, and newspapers, and other materials that serve as primary sources for historical research.


Do a keyword search for words that seem related to your country, kingdom, or region.

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STRATEGY: Search a specialized collection

How to find a journal article?

  1. Click the Find It! button, and follow links into full text
  2. No full text? Look up the journal title in Catalyst and try browsing to the article (it might be on paper!)
  3. Still no luck? Submit an Inter-Library Loan (ILL) request