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HIST 139: Foundations of Modern Europe

Professor Susannah Ottaway, Spring 2021

Omeka site

For your class:

  • Login to HIST 139: Early Modern Europe Omeka site
  • HIST 139 Project-specific Instructions: Adding images, and metadata - See below


About Omeka in general:

Item metadata

**Hint: you may want to write this all out elsewhere (especially your Description) and copy+paste it into Omeka!



A known title if there is one; if not, 5-8 words. Be as specific as possible. If this is a set of items you've created, about 5-8 words about the theme or what you're highlighting about the set.


The creator of the original artifact, if possible. Be consistent in spelling! Write [Unknown] if unknown.


Your name (be consistent). (ex) Sarah Calhoun


The date of the item in the digital picture; not the date of the digital picture. 


About 250 words: Here’s why I chose this item, and what I’m thinking about it.


A full citation for the original image, plus the URL back to where you got it from. 


The rights statement attached to this digital image or video. (ex) CC BY

Top tab: Files

Upload the relevant file(s).