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HIST 139: Foundations of Modern Europe

Professor Susannah Ottaway, Winter 2024

Fair Use for the Web

  • It is critical to make sure you have permission to use the images, documents, and objects in your exhibit. 
  • Even when you are using them for educational purposes, publishing images to the web for which you do not have permission does not constitute "fair use."
  • Regardless of where you find items that you want to include in your exhibit, make sure they are available for reuse before including them on a website.

Strategy: Search Public Domain and Creative Commons Materials

How to find public domain or Creative Commons reusable images

  1. Search for basic keywords related to your topic 
  2. Try including some time-related keywords in your search
  3. Facet: "Can I use it?" -- Yes, or Yes with Conditions
  4. Copy detailed copyright information and put it in the "Rights" field. (ex) CC BY; or