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HIST 347: The Global Cold War

Professor David Tompkins - Fall 2021


Declassified documents/FOIA

Presidential papers (Executive)

Congress (Legislative)

Justice Department (Judicial)

FBI & CIA (Executive)

State Department (Executive)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) / National Park Service (Executive) / Forest Service (USDA)

Bureau of Land Management

Indigenous Legal Histories & Treaties

Note: Many of these historical documents are written by United States government agencies, courts, or elected officials.

Specific Reports and Groups

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Works Progress Administration (WPA)

Historical Statistics

Public Comment on Policy

ProQuest Congressional (1873 - 1997)

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  • Content Type: Congressional record
    • Put in your search terms
    • In the Advanced search box: Congressional Record Bound Edition -- Section: Extension of Remarks Congressional Record (1873 - present)

  • Do a keyword search
  • Select Congressional Record Section -- Extension of Remarks

Suggested search terms

  • essay
  • article
  • column
  • letter
  • tribute
  • statement