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Maps at Carleton

Maps at Carleton

Carleton's physical maps are stored on second Libe, near the east stairwell. Very roughly speaking, the paper maps that Carleton owns can be divided into two categories. (which also, not coincidentally, correspond with two of the other tabs on this guide)

USGS Maps and Resources

These maps are published by the United States Geological Survey. They take up most of the rolling cabinets as well as the filing cabinets along the north wall of the maps alcove. While students in disciplines other than geology might find some of these materials to be of interest, many of the reports in the file cabinets are fairly esoteric. These maps include the rock stars of the Carleton map collection, the 7.5 minute US quadrangle maps, which are the best option for finding a large and detailed map of a small area.

Non-USGS Maps

The second category is much more varied and can best be defined as "Non-USGS" maps. These maps are stored towards the western end of the sliding cabinets (away from the stairwell). They can best be divided into two subcategories. One is the maps published by the Army Map Service. These are topographic and road maps much like the USGS maps, but with a more international scope. The collection also includes maps from World War II, including those produced by the Office of Strategic Services, and "captured" Japanese and German military maps. (Please get in touch with Katie Lewis for assistance with these materials.)  

Learn more about the Office of Strategic Services intelligence maps from this Stanford guide. If you are interested in the history of captured maps, Stanford Libraries also provides a great overview of their collection of Gaihozu Japanese military maps. In addition, see UC Berkeley's guide on German captured maps from World War II.  

Special Interest Maps

The last page on this guide, "Special Interest Maps," gives some suggestions of particular compelling or useful maps.

A Gallery of Maps at Carleton

A WWII-era Pilot's Map of Honolulu (US Hydrographic Office)

A USGS Photomap of Antartica (USGS)

A USGS 7.5 Minute Map of Northfield from 2013 (USGS)

A Mid 20th Century German Map of Russia (Reichsamt für Landesaufnahme)

A 19th Century Geologic Map of Wisconsin (USGS)

An 1845 French Map of Panama (Serial Set)