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Maps at Carleton

Pre-1900 Maps

Scattered throughout the map collection are a number of really beautiful historic maps.

The Serial Set maps as well as the Wisconsin Geological Survey drawer are good places to look for cool cartographic art.

Pre-1900 Maps from the Carleton Collection

A Geological Map of Lake Superior from the US Serial Set

A French Map of Panama found in the US Serial Set

A Geological Map of Lake Superior from the US Serial Set

A USGS Map of Wisconsin (USGS)

Maps of US Mexico Border

Carleton has a number of USGS photo-maps of the border between the US and Mexico. The University of Texas has digitized their whole series, but if you'd like to work with a hard copy, they're kept in the same row of cabinets as the Gift Maps.

A USGS photo-map of the Arizona-Sonora border.

Other Maps

Defense Mapping Agency Maps: Carleton owns a mixed bag of USGS-DMA topographic maps. You can find them in the same bank of sliding cabinets as the first of the Gift Maps. They are of 1:50,000 scale and have a paper index.

Miscellaneous Maps with and Without Call Numbers: These maps are stored close to the DMA maps in the first bank of gift map cabinets. As their title suggests, they are a mix of different things. They tend to be more recent maps that were probably bought for a particular class or purpose.

State Maps: In the first bank of sliding cabinets as the gift maps, there are a set of 1:500,000 scale US state maps with county outlines. 

USGS Folios: The sliding cabinets marked "Folios" contain folios of the United States Geological Atlas. These folios date from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, and as such are both dated and fragile.

World War II Era Maps

Many of Carleton's gift maps were created by various militaries for use in World War II. Check the drawer contents listed on the Non-USGS page. If it says that maps are in German or date from the 30's or 40's, chances are that they bear some relation to the war.

A WWII era pilot's map of Honolulu from the US Hydrographic Office.