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HIST 283: Christian Encounter, Conversion, and Conflict in Modern Africa

Professor Thabiti Willis -- Spring 2017

Group activity

  • TASK: Highlight ways that the author is relating primary sources to other primary sources, or primary sources to secondary sources




  • What was effective? What was less effective?

  • How did the author categorize primary and secondary sources? (time, place, people, etc)

  • How did this help YOU, as a reader?

  • If you wanted to look for related secondary sources that aren’t mentioned in this article, how would you start?

Individual activity

  • TASK 1: Read through one paragraph, and flag keywords

  • TASK 2: Categorize the primary source

  • TASK 3: Go into the scholarship and use these categories to find a related secondary source



  • What this secondary source add to the primary source? What does the primary source add to the secondary source?

  • How does it zoom you out a bit?

  • What argument could you, as a scholar, now make?