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CAMS 215: American Television History


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Kate Brooks
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Keeping Track of Your Research with Zotero

For keeping track of your research, I recommend Zotero. Zotero (for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux) works with your Web browser (Firefox, Chrome, and Safari). It works similarly to bookmarking a Web site, but it also captures the information (metadata) you need to create bibliographies. You can use it on Web pages to capture URLs, dates of access, and archives of the actual pages; you can use it in Catalyst to capture title, author, and publication information; and you can use it in our journal databases and other electronic resources to capture citations and even PDF full text. Zotero also stores all of that stuff online so you can access it and use it on multiple computers. And when you're ready to create your bibliography, Zotero can do that in dozens of different citation styles.

To get started with Zotero, click the links below to download it and set up an account, and then try it out. It's pretty intuitive, but you might want to look at one or two tutorials to see everything that Zotero can do.

NEW: Create a Zotero account using your email address and you get unlimited cloud storage for your PDFs and references.