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GEOL 245.53: Earthquakes in Human History

Prof. Bill North & Prof. Mary Savina, Winter 2020

Secondary sources

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PRO TIP: If you're not finding other sources, try searching for /paleoseismology + [your location]/
Pro tip: You can search GeoRef by latitude and longitude!
Example: Northfield, Minnesota
•Find latitude and longitude in Degrees/Minutes/Seconds (you can Google this)
–Latitude: 44°27’30” N
–Longitude: 093°09’42” W
•Write the latitude/longitude in a way GeoRef can understand:
–N442730 W0930942
–Or to search a broader area: N44* W093*
–Enter the latitude/longitude as it appears above into a search box in GeoRef and choose "Latitude and Longitude" in the dropdown menu to the right of the search box. NOTE: Your longitude number (the East/West one) should be 7 digits total. If it is only 6 digits long, add in a 0 manually at the front.

Socio-cultural context

Reference sources