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CCST 100: Growing Up Cross-Culturally

Professor Stephanie Cox--fall 2023


Welcome to the CCST 100 Research Guide! Here you will find resources to help you with your cross-cultural studies research. Use the side navigation to find:

Searching for Reference Sources

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Where do reference resources (encyclopedias) fit into your research?  They are great tools for research tasks like:

  1. getting an overview of your topic
  2. finding out what research has been done in your area over a long period of time
  3. discovering synonyms or keywords that will apply to your topic
  4. creating a list of authors to investigate
  5. discovering additional resources in the bibliography

Using the Catalyst search box above, you can do a keyword search and narrow down your results to "reference entries" on the left-hand side, after you have run a search. This will allow you to discover reference articles by name and the encyclopedias where those can be found.

Reference Sources