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CS 314: Data Visualization

For Professor Eric Alexander - Winter 2021

Data available through Carleton

Of our datasets, here are a few key places to get started

Note that not every dataset available through these archives will be available to you immediately. Data about vulnerable populations or sensitive topics may require special application and IRB approval.

Other Data Sources

Datasets Scattered on the Web

Many scholar's websites, journal websites, and scholarly association websites also post openly accessible datasets. If you're looking for these, think of scholars, journals, or associations that publish on the topic you're interested in, and then look to see if they have posted datasets related to their publications. Talk to a librarian for help!

Journal Websites

Many more journals require that data associated with articles be shared in trusted repositories. To find data associated with an article, open up an article and look near the end or beginning for a statement on data availability.

Here are a couple of examples:

Scholarly Association Websites

Scholar's Academic Websites

Usually you'll identify scholars by looking for publications on your topic. Then look to see if they host their data on their websites. Search for the researcher's name and then put at the end of your Google search. Look for areas of their page called "data," "datasets," or "replication data."

Here's an excellent example: