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HIST 271: Resistance and Rights in 20th century Latin America

Professor Jennifer Schaefer - Fall 2020

The Libe Where You Live

Not all of you will need to use Interlibrary Loan, but if you do, video #5 will help!

Use what you have to find more

Every source contains rich clues to other useful sources. It's a treasure map that can lead you to sources you would never find by pure searching. Think of it is giving clues along two axes:

  • Foward and backward in time by mining the source's bibliography and by seeing who has cited the source (ask at the Research/IT Desk for help).

  • Side to side across the scholarly conversation by collecting key terms, phrases, and names used in the useful source to find other sources that are similar, and by analyzing how participants in the conversation on this topic use evidence, and what kinds of evidence they use.