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POSC 231: American Foreign Policy

Professor Greg Marfleet - Spring 2021

News from International Sources

Magazines / Journalistic Analysis

To search for editorials, click Advanced Search, then "Select a specific content type" and select news. Scroll down and in the box labeled 'section' enter: editorial. Then scroll back up and enter your keyword tems, click the Add button, then click the magnifying glass. 

To search a specific paper, on the front page, under Guided Search, click the button "A publication." Enter your search terms in the first box and the title of the paper in the Publication box, then click Search.

Finding Old Web Site Information

Suppose you wanted to know what a Senator thought of a policy issue and you can't find any news coverage or floor debate. Perhaps they posted an issue statement on their web site. But what if you wanted to know what they thought in 2009? You need an archived version of their site from that date -- that is what the Way Back Machine from the Internet Archive can provide.

For example, put in a senator's web site:

...then browse to the relevant time using the timeline at the top.