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RUSS 237: Beyond Beef Stroganoff, Food in Russian Culture

Created for Professor Laura Goering - Winter 2023

Getting Started

Start by searching for your food OR your region.
Later, if there are plenty of results, narrow your results by adding in whichever you left out the first time.


The best place to start when looking for the history and social significance of a food is Catalyst. You'll want to search for BOOKS with your food (usually pluralized) as a SUBJECT.

Try these specific Subject headings:

  • Food habits -- Russia
  • Cooking, Russian
  • Russia -- Social life and customs



Browsing the Library

Another great way to see what's available is to browse the library in a few key areas:

  1. Your open reserves shelf!
    Make use of all the great selection work your professor did.
  2. Books (reference and downstairs on 3rd)
    1. SB175-177 - Food Crops
    2. SB183-317 - Field Crops
    3. SB320-402 - Fruits and Vegetables
    4. SB450.9-467.8 - Gardens
    5. SF191-275 - Cattle
    6. SF391-397.83 - Pigs
    7. SF481-507 - Poultry and eggs
    8. TX341-641 - nutrition and food generally
    9. TX353 - Food History
    10. TX360-361 - Diet, food supply of countries and groups
  3. Books (reference and downstairs on 2nd)
    1. GN406-442 - Material Culture
    2. GT2400-3390.5 - Customs relative to private life
    3. GT3400-5090 - Customs relative to public and social life

Diving Deeper


Keep track of names, vocabulary, concepts, and alternate spellings so that you can experiment with your search terms effectively! If you'd like to have a template to work from to remind you what you're looking for, feel free to make a copy of this document for yourself:

Are you interested in instances of food that show up in film, literature, law, policy, etc? Explore the Subject Research Guide for the discipline that makes the most sense for your question.


Carleton has quite a few cookbooks, some of them covering international food. You can find them in two places:

  1. The first bank of shelving in in the East Wing of the library on the 4th floor
  2. In the main book collection on the 3rd floor
    • TX703-714 - Cooking by time period
    • TX715 - Cooking outside of North America