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Components of Risk

The twelve components of political risk in the ICRG Researchers Dataset:

  • Government Stability
  • Socioeconomic Conditions
  • Investment Profile
  • External Conflict
  • Corruption
  • Military in Politics
  • Religion in Politics
  • Law and Order
  • Ethnic Tensions
  • Democratic Accountability
  • Bureaucracy Quality

ICRG Researchers' Dataset

The 2013 ICRG (International Country Risk Guide) Researchers Dataset from the PRS Group comprises 22 variables in three subcategories of risk (political, financial, and economic), for 146 countries, over the period 1984-2012. Data are annual averages of the components of the ICRG Political Risk Ratings (Table 3B) published in the International Country Risk Guide.

Carleton Access

The ICRG Researchers Dataset is accessible to Carleton faculty, students, and staff only. It is available for research and educational use and is not to be used for commercial purposes.

Connection to IRIS

Note: This dataset is related to the IRIS-3 dataset by Steve Knack and Philip Keefer (description), which covered the period of 1982-1997 for six political risk variables: corruption in government, rule of law, bureaucratic quality, ethnic tensions, repudiation of contracts by government, and risk of expropriation. Also related to the Political Risk Yearbooks in the library's collection.


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