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Gould Data Knowledge Base

Carleton Access to CEDDS

Carleton students, faculty, and staff may access the files on CD-ROM and use them for academic research and classroom use only.

The data CD-ROMs are located in Kristin Partlo's office, Libe 466 (in the Reference room near the wall rug). They may be used within the library.

User Agreement

These data are licensed for use by members of the Carleton community and the following limitations apply. Formal license information is available on the CD, but to summarize, users agree:

  • Not to distribute or disclose the data (including posting on the Internet) to people outside of the Carleton community
  • Not to use for commercial purposes
  • To use an insubstantial portion of the overall product in any reports, presentations, spreadsheets and similar documents
  • To use the source note above and fully cite Woods & Poole Economics, Inc. in bibliographies and works cited lists.

Complete Economic and Demographic Data Source

The CEDDS 2010 dataset by Woods & Poole Economics is a collection of commonly used socioecononomic indicators for the U.S. and all regions, states, special statistical areas and counties. This resource is especially valuable in its completeness in terms of geography, variables and time.

Time Coverage: Historical, current and projected data are from selected years from 1969 through 2040, often with annual time series from 2000-2010 and annual projections from 2011-2020. Earlier and later data are usually provided in 5 year increments.

Format: Files are in CSV format, and are readily usable with Excel, statistical software and GIS.

Geographic levels covered: U.S., all regions, states, Combined Statistical Areas (CSAs), Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), Micropolitan Statistical Areas (MICROs), Metropolitan Divisions (MDIVs), Designated Market Areas (DMAs), and counties.

See the Woods & Poole Economics web site for more information about the publisher.

See works that mention CEDDS in Google Scholar or in JSTOR.

Citation for CEDDS

It is always important to cite data sources as accurately as possible. This can be tricky because of a lack of fully standardized data citation guidelines.

The 2010 CEDDS license requires that the following message be included in any work that uses or displays their data:

"Source: Woods & Poole Economics, Inc. Washington, D.C. Copyright 2009. Woods & Poole does not guarantee the accuracy of these data. The use of these data and any conclusions drawn from it are solely the responsibility of [you, the user]."

Suggested Citation for bibliography (adjusted, of course, to the appropriate style)

"2010 Complete Economic and Demographic Data Source." Woods & Poole Economics, Inc., Washington, D.C..