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Gould Data Knowledge Base

Carleton Access to the CNTS

Current students, faculty and staff may download the files listed below for academic research and classroom use only. Your Carleton username and password are required.

*Note: by downloading these datasets, you agree to abide by the user agreement (see below).

CNTS Files

The first file is the dataset itself, but you'll need all of the first four files to make sense of the content therein. At the prompt, enter your Carleton username and password.

User Agreement

These data are subject to copyright and are licensed for current members of the Carleton Community for academic research purposes only.

You may not make copies of these data, full or partial, for distribution in any manner.

Cross-National Time Series Data Archive

The CNTS Data Archive consists of over 200 variables, some of which go back as far as 1815, for over 200 countries. Initially intended to collect the aggregate data recorded in the Statesman's Yearbook into a format suitable for quantitative analysis, the project has grown substantially over the years. Variables cover such topics as government expenditure, trade, infrastructure and media, domestic conflict event data, elections, legislative process, numerous political measures and international status indicators.

See the Databanks International web site for more information.

See books by Arthur S. Banks in Gould Library

See articles by Arthur S. Banks in JSTOR and reviews of the book Cross-Polity Time-Series Data


Arthur S. Banks, Arthur S. "Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive (CNTS) 1815-2012." Databanks International. Jerusalem, Israel; see