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Alumni Information and Services

A guide for Carleton alumni (and soon-to-be alumni) about library services.

See the Libe

Front of Gould Library in the summer

A summery day at Gould Library

Looking up through pink flowers at the Hadzi Arch

Founders Circle, in front of Gould Library

The Hadzi Arch, in Founders Court in front of the main door of the Library, is surrounded by flowering plants and bushes. 

A sepia-toned photo of three women sitting on a bed in Gridley Hall

Visit the Carleton Archives

Visit the Carleton Archives in person or online to learn about the history of the college. Pictured here: Three women in a dorm room, eating apples, 1894 – 1898, Carleton College Archives. 

Sign with information by floor, including bathrooms, food, and noise

What's on each floor?

Welcome Alumni!

As alumni, the Gould Library is still open to you and we hope that you will visit us on occasion. You are always welcomed here and we encourage you to use our services. If you can't visit us, feel free to...

  • chat bubbleUse the floating Chat conversation bubbles in the lower right corner of all library pages
  • Call the circulation desk at (507) 222-4260
  • Call the reference desk at (507) 222-4264

Affiliate & Community Cards

Some of our services like borrowing materials require a OneCard. As an alum, you can request an Affiliate OneCard from Campus Services. 

If you are not able to receive an Affiliate OneCard, visit us at the front Circulation Desk or contact us at (507) 222-4260. We'll be happy to help you!

Checking Out Materials?

You are welcome to browse our library collection and check materials out. 

Loan Periods for alumni are as below:

  • Books, Government Documents - 2 weeks
  • Periodicals, Microfilm/Microfiche - 2 weeks
  • Media collection - 1 week
  • Newspapers - in library use only
  • Reference materials - in library use only
  • Reserves - non-circulating
  • Special collections, Newspapers, Materials published before 1850 - non-circulating