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Alumni Information and Services

A guide for Carleton alumni (and soon-to-be alumni) about library services.

Add Your Personal Email to Zotero

Change your email address

You can keep your Zotero account and Zotero library after you graduate. However, if you originally signed up for Zotero using your Carleton email address, you should follow these steps to add a personal email address to your account:

  1. Log in to your Zotero account
  2. Click on your Zotero username in the upper right corner, then click "Settings"
  3. On the Settings page, click the tab labeled "Account"
  4. Scroll down to the section of the page labeled "Manage Email Addresses" and add a personal email address

This process will ensure that if you forget your password or otherwise get locked out of your Zotero account after graduating, you will have an active email address associated with your account so that you can reset your password.

Reducing space

Short on space after you change email addresses? A few things to try…

  • Transfer ownership of old Group Libraries
  • Store really large files elsewhere (personal Google Drive, Dropbox, or your computer)
  • Purchase a personal subscription to Zotero
  • Archive or delete folders of old files you don’t need
    • Hint: Look for files from classes outside your major/minor; look for duplicate files; look for files you added by accident that aren’t in a folder.
    • Hint: If you may want to use these citations in Zotero, Endnote, or Mendeley again in the future: export everything as an RIS file, and keep everything together (PDFs and the RIS file) in the same folder.

Save or hand off all your materials

After you leave Carleton, you won't be able to access any of our library databases off-campus except for JSTOR. If you have citations for materials in our digital collections, you should consider downloading the PDFs for those citations if you plan on referring to them in the future. Some suggestions are comps sources, past research papers, past class assignments, and materials you are interested in reading.

Archive your Comps

Perks of Archiving your Comps:​

  • Permanent: This archive will preserve your work for the future as well as make it available for you should you ever lose your own files.
  • Discoverable: The archived copy in Carleton Digital Commons can act as the permanent discoverable online version that you can refer to for future applications to graduate school or employment opportunities.

Update EndNote

Did you know that the Gould Library purchased an EndNote software license for the Carleton College community? That's why current Carleton students, faculty, and staff can use all of EndNote's functions without paying an additional fee.  

Now that you are about the leave Carleton, your friendly librarians highly suggest that you update your EndNote software before you leave. That way, you can still save your research material. If you update EndNote after you graduate, you will lose all your saved materials.​ So be sure to check that your EndNote is the most recent version. 

Contact a reference librarian with any questions!