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Using Wiley Online Library

Sometimes the articles you need are found in the Wiley Online Library. For this database there are a few steps before you can access the article on the site. This guide will walk you through that process.

Accessing Wiley Articles

1. Find the article online using Catalyst or by searching Wiley Online Library (You must either be on campus or use this link to Wiley so that Wiley knows you are affiliated with Carleton.) 

  1. Some of the articles on your results page will say "Token Access." If you see this tag, access the article by clicking on "Read full text." 
  2. On the confirmation page, click "Use Token." Do not hesitate to use the token if you need access to the article. That is why Gould Library provides them for you.
  3. Download the PDF so that you will have access beyond 24 hours. 
    (The online access through the Wiley website will expire after 24 hours. Also, Carleton pays for the article every time you download it after the first 24 hours, so download it only once if at all possible.)