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ENTS 210: Environmental Justice

Professor Colleen Carpenter - Spring 2023

General Data Sources

This list is just to get you started.  For many more data sources and help, look at the library data guide and come see me for even more ideas.

Statistical Compendia

Strategy: Finding Statistics and Data

When you don't know who has collected the statistics or data you require for your research, follow an organized approach like this one to start investigating.

  1. Search or browse through big statistical compendia (collections of stats) like the ones suggested here.  The best thing about these?  They list the sources of the statistics.  Go to the sources' websites on Google or look for their information in the library catalog.
  2. The best way to locate statistics and data is to look for references in the news and literature you find on your topic.  Be alert to statistical references in the text and citations. 
  3. Use experts.  Look for directories to statistics and data on your topic.  I've listed some on this page and you can use advanced Google searching to find more, for instance, search:
  • [topic] statistics inurl:guide inurl:library inurl:edu

Data Guides from Gould Library