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Using Other Libraries

Questions to ask before you go

STOP: Have you double checked with a Carleton librarian to see if you can access this content online?


Questions for the Library or Archive you're visiting

  1. Get in touch as early as you can. Mention when you're planning to visit to set up an appointment, if required.
  2. What are your hours?
  3. Are there any restrictions on this collection?
  4. Are there any documents or letters you need to bring to access this collection?
  5. Are there any fees you'll need to pay?
  6. Which librarian or archivist is in charge of this collection? Do they have other suggestions for me? Tell them what you're researching, tell them what you've found so far, ask if they can help you narrow it down more.
  7. Try to be specific as you can about which boxes you're interested in. 
  8. Can you bring a pencil and paper / a cell phone / a camera / a laptop into the reading room?

Questions for you to think about...

  1. Will you have stable internet connection?
  2. Where are you backing up the content you find while abroad?
  3. Where are you backing up the content you want to bring with you from Carleton?

Finding the right Archive for you