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Using Other Libraries

Library Culture

Library culture and rules regarding access differ between each library, even if it is in the same city; these are based on the type of libraries and what is included in their collection. 
Libraries can be either closed or open stacks; for example, the majority of the Gould Library’s collection is open stack, which means you can peruse/browse the shelves yourself without requesting for additional allowance. 
Libraries may have limited operation hours- maybe even days- and may charge you a fee in order to use the facilities or collection. Some libraries are limited staff, which requires its limited hours. Libraries charge fees for cards, registrations, safety deposit, and to check out materials. We suggest you do research on library access at your location before doing research at the library. Please check with the library to ensure you have the correct open hours.
Depending on the library, you may need to present a letter of introduction from a librarian or an instructor in order to access the collection, or just to enter; as with recommendation letters, we suggest you ask for this early in advance of your trip to the stacks.