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Journal Abbreviations and Zotero

In the Stem Cell Reports citation style, scholarly journals are referred to using abbreviated titles; for example, the journal Evolutionary Biology would be abbreviated to Evol. Biol. To ensure that Zotero uses the appropriate journal abbreviations when generating citations, you will need to use the "Journal Abbr" field of the Zotero record.

Using the Journal Abbr field in Zotero

  1. When viewing an article record in Zotero, the full title of the journal (for example, Evolutionary Biology) is listed in the Publication field. Article records in Zotero also include a field labeled Journal Abbr. This is where the abbreviated version of the journal title (for example, Evol. Biol.) should be listed.
  2. Some article records may automatically include the journal abbreviation when saved to Zotero. Other article records will leave the Journal Abbr field blank, and you will need to fill in that information manually.
  3. To add a journal abbreviation to an existing Zotero record, search for the official abbreviation using some of the resources linked below (under "Finding Journal Abbreviations"), then type the abbreviated title into the Journal Abbr field of your Zotero record.
  4. When using Zotero to cite your sources in Microsoft Word, make sure you have the Stem Cell Reports citation style selected. The Stem Cell Reports citation style will list journal titles using the Journal Abbr field by default, so the abbreviated version of the title will be used. If the Journal Abbr field is left blank, Stem Cell Reports will revert to using the full version of the title listed in the Publication field of the Zotero record.

NOTE: One-word journal titles, like Nature and Science, are never abbreviated. You can simply leave the Journal Abbr field blank for these titles.

Finding Journal Abbreviations