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Biology Books and Other Information

Library Catalog

The Gould Library has rich collections of books, journals, government documents, and other resources. You can access them via Catalyst, the online catalog. You can search Catalyst by a book titles, authors' names, subject headings, or keywords.

Relevant Library of Congress Call Numbers

This is only a partial list of the call numbers pertaining to Biology. For a complete listing, go to the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

Call Number Subject Heading
QH 45 - 97 Natural History
QH 81 - 95 Seashore Biology
QH 84.8 Soil Biology
QH 88 Dessert Biology
QH 90 Aquatic Biology
QH 91 Coral Reef Biology
QH 96 - 100 Freshwater Biology
QH 308 - 442 Genetics
QH 352 Population Biology
QH 361 - 371 Evolution
QH 491 Developmental Biology
QH 573 - 671 Cytology
QH 581 - 671 Cells
QK Botany
QL 1 Marine Biology
QL 951 - 973 Embryology
QM 23 Anatomy
QM 23 Human Biology
QP 31 - 33 Physiology
QR Microbiology

Subject Headings

Library of Congress Subject Headings are the words and phrases that you will use to do a subject search in Catalyst (as opposed to a keyword search, where you may use any words you like). Although Biology is a Library of Congress Subject Heading, you will probably get better results if you are more specific. If you are interested in a particular branch of biology, i.e. genetics, use the subject heading genetics and the many subdivisions that follow that heading. Be careful in your word choices--some words and phrases that may seem very natural to you will not be Library of Congress Subject Headings.

It is often helpful to do a keyword search on your topic, and, once you find an appropriate source, examine the subject headings. You may then conduct a subject search by clicking on the linked subject heading in Catalyst. If you cannot find a source using a keyword search, ask a librarian for help.

Biology Reference Books