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BIOL Comps

Add a Space Between Each Reference (American Naturalist Style Only)

If you are using Stem Cell Reports as your citation style, your bibliography will automatically include a space between each of your references. If you are using American Naturalist as your citation style, you will need to add spaces between your references manually. Unfortunately, the usual methods for adding a space between paragraphs in Microsoft Word will not work; these spaces will be removed the next time your Word document syncs with your Zotero library. Instead, here's how to do it:

Option 1: Add spaces between references while keeping Zotero and Word linked

(Click here for a video demonstration on a PC. Note that the process is slightly different on a Mac; see below for details.)
  • In Microsoft Word, highlight your entire list of references.
  • Open the Styles pane:
    • Mac: Click the "Home" tab in Microsoft Word, then click the button labeled "Styles Pane."
    • PC: Click the "Home" tab in Microsoft Word, then find the section labeled "Styles." To the right of the Styles label, you should see an arrow pointing diagonally down and to the right. Click on the arrow to the right of the "Styles" label to open the Styles Pane.

                                Screenshot of Styles Pane button on Microsoft Word for Mac users                     Screenshot of Styles Pane button for Microsoft Word on a PC

  • In the Styles Pane, scroll to the bottom of the list of styles until you find the style labeled "Bibliography." Click on the arrow immediately to the right of the "Bibliography" label, then click "Modify."
  • In the bottom left corner of the "Modify Style" menu, click "Format," then "Paragraph."
  • Under the section of this menu labeled "Spacing," find the word "After."
  • To the right of "After" should be a box - it will probably say "0 pt."
  • Click the down arrow to the right of this box so that "0 pt" is changed to "Auto."
  • Click OK and close out of the menus you opened.
  • There should now be a space between each of your references.

Option 2: Add spaces between references after unlinking your citations from Zotero

A second option for adding spaces between your citations is to wait until your Biology comps paper is completely finished and ready to submit, then add spaces after unlinking your citations from Zotero (see below). You will eventually need to unlink your citations anyway so that you can add references used but not cited and indicate key references with an asterisk.

Unlinking Your Citations and Final Steps

As you finalize your comps paper, be aware that a few tasks can only be completed after you unlink your Word document from your Zotero library. This should only be done at the VERY end of your writing process, as you're preparing to submit your comps.

  1. Save a copy of your document. You will now have two versions of your document on your computer, one of which will be unlinked from Zotero/include your final edits and one of which is your back-up document that will be unchanged.
  2. On the copy you will turn in, click on the Zotero tab in Word, then click "Unlink Citations."
  3. You'll be asked if you're sure you want to continue. Click OK.
  4. Your document will no longer be connected to Zotero. You can now edit your citations and bibliography directly in Word, just like you'd edit any other text.

Once your document is unlinked from Zotero, you can add these finishing touches to your bibliography:

Indicate key references with an asterisk

  • In your references list, add an asterisk next to your selected key resources.

Add a space between each reference (American Naturalist only)

  • If you have not yet added spaces between each of your references, do so now. Highlight your list of references, then click the "Home" tab in Microsoft Word. In the "Paragraph" section of the page, click the button labeled "Line and Paragraph Spacing," then click "Add Space After Paragraph" to add a space between each citation.

Add references used but not cited

You will be asked to include references in your bibliography that you consulted but did not cite in your final comps paper. Here is how to add these citations to your bibliography without creating in-text citations:

  1. In Zotero, right-click on the record you wish to cite, then click "Create Bibliography from Item."
  2. In the menu that appears, choose your citation style (Stem Cell Reports or The American Naturalist). Choose "Bibliography" as your output mode and "Copy to Clipboard" as your output method. Click OK.
  3. Place your cursor where you'd like you'd like the reference to appear, then paste the text you've copied.
  4. Edit your pasted reference(s) as necessary. Since your Word document is no longer connected to Zotero, you can edit the text directly in Word.