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POSC 223: Food Justice [ARCHIVED]

Professor Pat Cavanaugh - Spring 2013

Local News in LexisNexis

Go to LexisNexis --> Sources --> search for the newspaper by name.  

OR, type in your search term if it is relatively narrow and search "Newpapers"

Small Town Newspapers

Search here for the archives of hundreds of small town papers.

Advanced Google Searching

For this case, a few extra techniques for Google searching will make all the difference.  This search will get you started with both some local newspaper results as well as nonprofit opinion papers, trade newsletters, and other elusive documents.  These are some tips to make your Google searching more precise.

Operator What It Does
~ (tilda) searches for synonyms
inurl:gov; inurl:org; inurl:edu searches only these domains
filetype:pdf; filetype:xls; filetype:ppt searches for only these types of documents (2008..2009) searches for documents relevant to those years searches for documents only at Carleton's domain

1. ~sugarbeets minnesota protests "low wages" 2011..2012
2. "wild rice" sulfide mining inurl:edu filetype:pdf
3. genetic engineer seeds inurl:gov

Tips from Google on these techniques and more.

Google News Archive

Google News ( has made it harder to get to their archives.  You need to look way down on the left-hand side after you've gotten back your first set of results.  Put in your search term --> select "archives" from the left-hand side of the page

Now you can choose the date range and other features of articles you want to view.  If the article costs money, remember that the library may own a copy of it or if not, we may be able to get a copy from another library:

  1. look up the name of the newspaper in the Journals list to see if we have access
  2. if not, request the copy of the article using interlibrary loan

Alternative and Ethnic Press

Some of the best coverage of local issues can be found in alternative and ethnic press. These two indexes provide full-text access to hundreds of newspapers.

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