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POSC 223: Food Justice [ARCHIVED]

Professor Pat Cavanaugh - Spring 2013

Food News

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    This research guide provides links to resources for POSC 223. 

    I'm available to meet with you to discuss your research project. Often, I help students map out an approach to their research process or suggest places to look as they are getting started. Or, students come to me when they are feeling stuck.  That's a great time to seek help from a librarian!

    The box on the right details how to get in touch with me. My schedule is also right here on this guide.  Email me for an appointment or stop by my office on the 4th floor of the Libe.

    Research Strategy

    Research is a creative and iterative process.  There's no right or wrong way to proceed!  However, here are some strategies and techniques that might make your research project easier:

    1. Use reference resources (encyclopedias, directories, handbooks) to provide you background, history, and lead you to additional sources.

    2. Secondary literature (such as scholarly articles) are not only useful for content but also provide cues to additional areas to research. Read these for their notes and sources, too.  Take note of scholars, concepts, events, places, and other ideas mentioned frequently in articles you read.

    3. In the catalog and databases, start with broad keywords and notice the subject terms associated with the books and articles you find relevant. Then use these subject terms to search further.

    4. Remember to look for information about businesses and industries not just on company websites but also in analyst profiles, government statistics, and trade publications.

    5. You can glean a lot about policy and influence by tracking political donations.

    Subject Guide

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