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POSC 223: Food Justice [ARCHIVED]

Professor Pat Cavanaugh - Spring 2013

Some tips

Remember to use lots of different search terms.

  • Even if there is not a book on your exact topic (and there probably is), you might find chapters or passages within books about poverty, agriculture, labor, native americans, immigrants, and more.
  • Capture synonyms or different ways to describe a topic, i.e. farmworkers, labor, agricultural workers, migrants.

The call number tells you where in the library to find the book (or click the "Carleton Access" link for ebooks).

When you go to find that book on the shelf, browse the nearby books--a great way to find more relevant sources.


The best place to start your search for history and background is Catalyst. You can search across our library's holdings PLUS hundreds of millions of reference articles and scholarly articles. Catalyst includes articles from JSTOR, Proquest, Lexis Nexis, and many more.

Use the links on the side to narrow by topic or by kind of book or article (like "reference") or exclude non-scholarly articles from your results.

Example Books

Here are examples of the kinds of books we have that might be useful. There are many more! 

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