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Library Tour

Virtually explore the non-virtual parts of the library!

Entering on 4th floor

The library is built on a hill, so unlike most buildings, you enter on the 4th floor, and then there are three floors below you.

Welcome to 4th Libe!

Toff the Cat

The statue that greets you by the door is the beloved cat Toff who roamed the campus for many years and passed away recently. The libe made a statue to honor the cat. It is a tradition of many students to rub the cat's head as they enter the library.

Toff the Cat statue

Oscar the Penguin

The penguin outside the Rookery is known as Oscar. He was given to the library in honor of former president and library namesake Laurence McKinley Gould. Apart from being a president of the college, Gould was an arctic explorer.

Oscar the Penguin

Map of 4th