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Library Tour

Virtually explore the non-virtual parts of the library!

Study Spots

Window Couches

Get cozy and study at this corner of Third Libe, filled with big comfy couches and huge windows.

big couches

Study Rooms

Throughout 3rd Libe, find individual and small group private study rooms, equipped with tables, chairs, outlets, lamps, and often chalkboards/whiteboards.

study rooms

Comfy Chairs

On the north end of Third Libe, settle into comfy chairs with plenty of natural light.

Comfy chairs

The Sunken Lab

Located under the East Wing of the Library. The Sunken Lab contains 16 individual work spaces, including 4 external monitor hookups.

Sunken Lab with external monitors

The Blue Corner

A group Study Space with a large wall-mounted monitor and whiteboard tables. It's on a raised section of floor, up 4 steps (not wheelchair accessible).

3rd floor study nook with monitor

Whiteboard Tables (Blue Corner)

Work out tough problems on these desks with dry-erase surfaces.

whiteboard tables

Cubbies & Desks

The north wall of Third Libe is home to many styles of private desks and study spaces, all right next to the windows.

isolated desks

More Cubbies & Desks!

Study privately next to the back windows of 3rd Libe.

more cubbies