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HIST 346: The Holocaust

Prof. David Tompkins, Spring 2023

Selected items in Special Collections & Maps


Post-War Memory

  • The Holocaust: 1933-1945. New York: Anti-Defamation League of Bńai Bŕith, 1977. [Includes 20 posters] Special Collections (Flat Files) D810 .J4

  • Journal officiel du conseil de controle en Allemagne. Berlin: publisher not identified, 1945-1947 [In English, French, German, Russian] Special Collections (Books, Quarto) KK9.2 .G474

  • The White Maiden Male [artists' book presenting the story of Rudolph Brazda who, when he died in 2011, was the last known survivor of the Nazi concentration camps who had been incarcerated because he was a homosexual. Forced to wear a pink triangle, Brazda survived three years in Buchenwald. After his liberation, Brazda lived in Alsace until his death. Morin weaves Brazda's story with the German folktale of The White Maiden.] Special Collections (Artists' Books) N7433.4.M64 W55 2012 

  • Unpublished Manuscript, 1946 [artists' book with text comprised of a typewritten memoir by Buchenwald survivor Hans Bergas and a letter written by Grace Naismith, then an Associate Editor at Reader's Digest, rejecting Bergas' manuscript for publication.]  Special Collections (Artists' Books) N7433.4.C86 U578 2019 


Maps in Special Collections and 2nd floor

Many maps produced by the German military during World War II are available in the Map Collection on 2nd Libe.  Maps include occupied Poland, Austria, and Italy. 

  • Das Jahr 1937 : Kalender der berliner Juden ; mit 11 Bildbeilagen. Berlin: Vorstand der Jüdischen Gemeinde, 1937. [A Jewish almanac from Germany] Special Collections (Small) AY78.J5 K3 1937
  • Goering's atlas. Berlin: Publisher not identified, 1946 [In English. [These] maps, outlining the raw material resources and industrial plants of primary importance to the German war effort ... were prepared in the office of the Delegate for the Four-Year Plan ... They were compiled in the spring of 1944 on the basis of information available for 1942 and 1943 ... The maps were prepared for reproduction in the Office of the Director of Intelligence, Office of Military Government for Germany (US), Berlin, with the assistance of the Map Division, Strategic Services Unit, Mission for Germany (formerly the Office of Strategic Services), and 669th Engineer Topographic Co."] Special Collections (Horizontal Shelving) G1911.G1 G4 1946
  • Kirkcudbright.  Berlin : Luftwaffe Headquarters?, 1938 [One of a series of maps copied from the Ordnance Survey at the scale of: 1:100 000, printed for the use of the German military forces, and bearing the printed note at the header: "Sonderausgabe! Nur für den Dienstgebrauch."] Special Collections (Flat Files) (G5771 .P2 1938)
  • Koch, Rudolf, and Kredel, Fritz. “Deutschland und angrenzende Gebiete : diese Karte wurde in den Jahren 1925 bis 1934 ... geschaffen.” Leipzig: Insel-Verl 1935, Print. [German heraldry map] Special Collections (Folio) CR550 K6 1935​
  • Lutz, Ralph Haswell, and Quinn, Pearle E. “The Reichstag Election of March 5, 1933.” Stanford, Calif: Stanford University Press 1943, Print. [Includes map] Special Collections (Books, Quarto) JN3953 1933 .L978

Nazi publications for children

  • Hoffmann, Heinrich. Unser Kampf zur See, 1939 and 1940: Bilddokumente. Berlin?: Zweites Kriegshilfswerk für das deutsche rote Kreuz, 1941. [Button book] Special Collections (Miniature) D253 .H64 1941
  • Hoffmann, Heinrich. Der Führer und seine bauten : Bild-Dokumente. Berlin? : Winter-Hilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes, 1939. [Button book.
    Miniature Nazi propaganda book illustrated with photographs of Hitler at various locations, looking at plans and models, etc.]  
    Special Collections (Miniature) D253 .H64 1939
  • Hoffmann, Heinrich. Der Führer macht Geschichte : Führer-worte. Berlin? : Winter-hilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes. [Button book. This series contains a log of notable events attended by Hitler from 1933 to 1938 with photographs] Special Collections (Miniature) D253 .H64