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EDUC 100: Will this be on the test? Standardized Testing and American Education

Professor Jeff Snyder--fall 2021

Role of Reference Sources

Print reference resources are located on the 4th floor of Gould Library.  These are particularly helpful at certain stages of your research:

At the beginning of your research:

  1. get an overview of a topic and
  2. identify synonyms or related terms that will apply to your topic.

Later, return to reference sources:

  1. to clarify concepts,
  2. define new vocabulary,
  3. locate bibliographical references to get ideas for additional sources, and
  4. understand methodology.

Call Numbers

Education books are located in the 'L's in the library, both in reference and in the stacks.  You might also find relevant books in other subject areas, too.  Find a complete list of Library of Congress call numbers here.

Subject Headings

It's often helpful to start a catalog search broadly using keywords, and then narrow your search by clicking on the suggested topics, the hyperlinked subject headings associated with the relevant results, or click on the facets on the lefthand side of the results.

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