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RELG 153: Introduction to Buddhism

Professor Jonathan Dickstein - Winter 2023

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Catalyst is the shared online catalog of the libraries of Carleton College and St. Olaf College. It provides an access point to the books, periodicals, government documents, and electronic resources available at Carleton or St. Olaf.

Library of Congress Subject Headings are the words and phrases you can use to do a subject search in Catalyst (as opposed to a keyword search, where you may use any words you like).

When starting out, it is often helpful to do a keyword search on your topic, and then to examine the subject headings of the results you find relevant. Catalyst displays these subject headings as links and clicking on one of them will automatically conduct a subject search for that particular topic. 

Understanding Call Numbers in Religion

BL: Philosophy of religion and world religions

BL 1100-1295: Hinduism

BL 1790-1975: Chinese religion, Confucianism and Taoism

BL 2195-2228: Japanese religion, Shinto

BM: Judaism

BP: Islam

BQ: Buddhism

BR: Christianity

BS: Biblical Studies

BT-BV: Christian theology

BX: Christian denominations / Church history

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