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Northfield Area Data and Statistics

Data and statistics about the city of Northfield and surrounding area.

About Local Crime Data

Most readily available published data about Crime at the local level are available from state and federal-level Government agencies.  This page describes statistical information from the following:

  • Northfield Police Department
  • Minnesota Department of Public Safety
  • FBI
  • Criminal Justice Statistics Center
  • Minnesota Department of Corrections
  • Bureau of Justice Statistics
  • Data-Planet

Northfield Police Department

Northfield Police Department does not publish statistics on their web site, but they do report crime statistics through the FBI Uniform Crime Reports system (see below).

Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Minnesota Department of Corrections

FBI Uniform Crime Reports

Through the Uniform Crime Reports system, the FBI collects, compiles, and distributes data from the 17,000 law enforcement agencies in the country.   Each year, this information is published in a statistical compendium entitled "Crime in the United States."  The links below are to the most recent edition, 2007.  To see previous annual editions back to 1995, follow the links from the main Uniform Crime Reports page. 


Bureau of Justice Statistics