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Northfield Area Data and Statistics

Data and statistics about the city of Northfield and surrounding area.

About Local Population and Housing Data

This page is under development.  Currently there are sections on:

  • Census Sources
  • Student Survey of the Housing Sector


The main source of statistics about population and housing, the Census takes many forms.  The best place to start for current information is the Census FactFinder web site.  To navigate from the home page enter 'Northfield, MN' into the search box, and indicate on the next screen that you want Northfield city.  Here you'll find an overview of information from the most recent census along with numerous links to more detailed information.

Historical Northfield Statistics

Historical Northfield statistics are not readily available online, but they can be found in the print government documents from the Census. Since the Census documents take up a whole shelf on 1st Libe, we have listed the specific volumes below to help make them easier to find.