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Northfield Area Data and Statistics

Data and statistics about the city of Northfield and surrounding area.

About Local Health Data

Most readily available published data about Health at the local level are available from state and federal-level Government agencies.  This page describes statistical information from the following:

  • Minnesota Dept. of Health
  • Health Care Cost Information System
  • Child and Adolescent Health

For further information, check the Health guide.

Minnesota Department of Health

The Minnesota Department of Health is a gateway to a huge amount of health data. They provide County Health Tables and County Health Profiles such as their Rice County Profile, linked below.

Health Care Cost Information System (HCCIS)

The Minnesota Department Health also provides data related to the cost of health care cost through their Health Care Cost Information System and their Health Economics Program.

Child and Adolescent Health

Information on various aspects of child and adolescent health is available from the Annie E. Casey Foundation through its Kids Count Data Center, which includes data on abuse rates, infant mortality rates, low birth weight, substance use among teenagers, and mental health among children and adolescents.