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SOAN 395: Ethnography of Reproduction

For Professor Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg - Winter 2024

Finding New Books - Publishers

For potential titles for your project, you can browse the books of prominent university presses, particularly those that have proven track records of publishing important works in Anthropology and related disciplines. Below you will find links to list of anthropology publications from some of the most important university presses.

Newest Anthropology Books at Carleton and St. Olaf

Follow the link below to see a list of the newest anthropology books in Catalyst. 

Catalyst Basics

Use Catalyst, Carleton and St. Olaf's online catalog, to find books on your topic.

Begin with a keyword search:

  • Try different words relevant to your topic
  • When you find a good book, notice the subject headings used to catalog it
  • Click on these hyper-linked subject headings to find more relevant books

Perform a subject search in Catalyst only if you know a valid Library of Congress subject heading. A few examples:

  • Public welfare
  • Welfare recipients
  • Women -- government policy
  • Women -- economic conditions
  • Distributive justice

Searching WorldCat

WorldCat lets you search the holdings of academic libraries across North America.

To find the newest books in anthropology do the following:

  1. Go to the Advanced Search screen
  2. In the first box after 'Keyword' enter one or two broad terms on your topic
  3. Change the second drop-down to 'Subject' and enter one of the following into the search box: anthropology, "social aspects" or "social life" (with the quotes)
  4. Once you get your results, use the options on the left of the screen to limit to books published most recently.

Limited searching in Amazon

Sometimes it can be productive to use Amazon's subject categories to limit a search.

  1. From the main page of Amazon, hover over the link that says "Shop by Department"
  2. Keep hovering and go to 'Books' then 'Books' again and click the link
  3. On the left side, under the heading 'Books Categories' click the link labeled 'Politics & Social Sciences'
  4. Now the search box at the top of the page limits to this section. Try a broad search
  5. To get the newest books, change the drop-down menu in the upper right from 'Relevance' to 'Publication Date'