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SOAN 395: Ethnography of Reproduction

For Professor Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg - Spring 2021

Using the Libe during the Pandemic

Whether you're taking this online class from campus or from elsewhere, the Libe is still here for you. Lots of extra questions come up during this time of adjusted safety practices and we want to make it as easy as possible to use the Libe. There's lots of information on the web site, but never hesitate to ask if you have questions.

Searching for Books - Electronic

You can still read lots of books in the library's collection when learning from a distance or spending less time in the Libe. Here are some tips on searching the collection and accessing what you can. Contact a librarian with *any* questions you have.


The library provides access to thousands of ebooks on several different platforms, both scholarly and for leisure reading. The most efficient way to discover available ebooks is to search Catalyst (though you can search each platform separately if you prefer, for example, JSTOR books).

To isolate ebooks in Catalyst, start with a default search. Here's a search box for your convenience.

All Formats

After you have searched using keywords, use the filters on the left to select "Online Resources" and "books" as the material type. Then click the Apply Filters button. 

Screenshot of Catalyst filters selected for ebooks: Online and Books.

[image of the filters in Catalyst set to limit a search to ebooks]

When you view the full details of a book, you'll find a link to access it on its native platform.

Screenshot of link from Catalyst to an ebook platform

[screenshot image of a Catalyst link out to an ebook]

To learn more about the different ebook platforms, follow the links below.

Setting Google Scholar to Link to Catalyst for Full Text