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SOAN 395: Ethnography of Reproduction

For Professor Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg - Winter 2024

Finding New Books and Their Reviews

Many journals contain book review sections.  A good way to stay on top of the newest literature is to browse these book reviews as the journals come out. 

AnthroSource is probably the easiest place to do this.  Simply click "Browse AnthroSource," click on a journal title, go to the newest edition and look for the book reviews section.  See images below.

Project Muse contains the full text of many anthropology journals and can be browsed or searched for book reviews.  

JSTOR lets you limit a search to anthropology journals and to book reviews, but it does not have the most recent issues of journals.  Though it is a great place to find book reviews, it is not an appropriate place to find the newest books reviewed.

Browzine is an online tool that allows you to browse, read, and stay current with scholarly journals. You can select Anthropology journals by first selecting Social Science and Behavioral Science. You can browse journal titles by sub-discipline (ie, Social & Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology) and sort lists of journal by "rank."  

Catalyst, the library's catalog, allows you to filter results to show book reviews. Search for a book title, then filter the results by clicking "Reviews." You can also browse the results to see which items are book reviews, since book reviews will occasionally be labeled as "Articles."

Browsing for Book Reviews in AnthroSource

Example of Book Reviews Section in a journal


Find the newest book reviews in "Early View," where the articles are published online before they're grouped into issues. 

Screenshot of "Early View" results list, showing a research article and a book review.

Browse Example Book Reviews

These links will take you to a journal's homepage. In most cases, you will need to click on the browse tab, then Current Issue, then scroll to the bottom. To see more, browse other issues under All Issues.

Search for Anthropology Book Reviews

Finding New Books - Publishers

For potential titles for your project, you can browse the books of prominent university presses, particularly those that have proven track records of publishing important works in Anthropology and related disciplines. Below you will find links to list of anthropology publications from some of the most important university presses.